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Scientific classification Edit this classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Onychophora
Family: Peripatidae
Genus: Peripatus
Guilding, 1826

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Peripatus /pəˈrɪpətəs/ is a genus of velvet worms in the Peripatidae family.[1] The name "peripatus" (unitalicised and uncapitalised) is also used to refer to the Onychophora as a whole, although this group comprises many other genera besides Peripatus. The genus Peripatus is found in Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America.[1] Velvet worms in this genus may have as few as 24 or 25 pairs of legs (in P. antiguensis or P. dominicae, respectively)[2][3] or as many as 36 leg pairs (in P. evelinae).[4] This genus is viviparous, with mothers supplying nourishment to their embryos through a placenta.[5]


The genus contains the following species:[6][1]

Peripatus antiguensis Bouvier, 1899 and Peripatus bavaysi Bouvier, 1899 are considered nomina dubia by Oliveira et al. 2012.

Former species[edit]


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