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Flying a kite during the lunch break on a 95 mile bike ride

I'm a computer programmer (AS/400 RPGILE) who works and resides in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

I live in the same house I came to from the hospital when I was born in 1947.

I've become part of a local Community Emergency Response Team.

A previous employer, for whom I worked for 18 years, allowed me to save up my vacation so every few years I would spend a month visiting my friend in Sydney and traveling throughout Australia.

I also made a one-month bike trip in southern China in 1984.

Hence my entries in Wikipedia reflecting my interest in Australia and China.

Other interest include:

  • Backyard Beekeeping
  • Reading science fiction and mysteries.
  • Riding my BikeE recumbent bicycle on the weekends with the Five Borough Bike Club.
  • Kite flying.
  • More then occasional imbibing of fine microbrew beers.
  • Rescuing, neutering and caring for the odd stray street cat.